Seasonal Classs and Long, Lazy Lunches Winter Vines June-August Winter cooking is all about big hearty meals, duck and chicken roasting in the wood fire, and fresh fennel, mushrooms, sweetcorn and sweet potatoes, spinach and rhubarb. The citrus trees are heavy with lemons, mandarins and orange, and a thick, rich Shiraz based ragout is in the slow cooker, ready to be poured over home made, hand cut pasta. Sunday July 23 Private belated 4th of July lunch Saturday July 29 Long, lazy Winter Italian feast. Family, friends and foodies in front of the fire and around the long table for canapés and a 3 course Italian feast. $90 per person and BYO. Contact us to book your pew! Spring Sessions September -November The weather is warming up and so are the meals. Spring is about spring lamb, artichokes, sweet little juicy cherries, cauliflower, radishes, wild rocket, and fresh lemons from our fruit trees. It's when the fire starts to be turned off and the cover comes off the pool for pre-lunch cocktails. The smell of the jasmine is thick in the air, but beware, the magpies are swooping! Summer Sizzlers December - February Summer means gorgeous days and warm nights. In the Hunter it's all about the great summer stone fruits. Apricots, peaches, nectarines and plums. Sweet corn and beetroot and bright colored berries and juicy melons. Summer also means holidays are on their way and our famous Christmas Entertaining, with our Aussie twist. This is Australia after all, and it wouldn't be Christmas without prawns and Grandma Dorrie's brandy seafood sauce! We will be preparing a traditional Christmas lunch from canapes, to the the stuffed turkey, Christmas pudding and dessert brandy sauce. note to self, buy more brandy! Autumn Feasts March-May The pumpkins are ready. There's beans, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. The nights are getting cooler and the firewood gets cut. It's beginning to feel a lot like soup!