Feb 23, 2011

School Launches with great success

School Launches with Penrith Personnel Corporate Function

Posted by: ewen

“The best staff party ever”……

….was the unanimous decision by the Team at Penrith Personnel.

After 21 years in business, we have hosted scores of functions for our staff but have never had a reaction like we did after taking them to the Millfield Hall Cooking School.  The entire Team thoroughly enjoyed their day and are still talking about it 8 weeks after the event!  It was really amazing to see how such a diverse group, with varying levels of culinary expertise, had such a wonderful time creating a meal that could only be described as outstanding.  We worked in pairs, with each ‘station’ cooking a course.  However, we also had the opportunity to observe critical stages at other stations so that we were able to re-create the meal at home.

We can thoroughly recommend this as a fun, informative, value for money experience in a glorious location in the Hunter Valley.  We will definitely go back.

Nicki Kite

Managing Director

Penrith Personnel